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Providing clear solutions to common questions for distributors of Nspire Network. My role as a distributor myself is to make every effort to offer help to fellow members and distributors. These FAQs (F.A.Q.s) should get you on the right track so you can move forward with your distributorship in marketing the Cherish sanitary napkins. If you have corrections to any of the information below, please let me know. Also, if you have additional questions, I will do my best to find the answers and to post them.

NOTE: This page is a work in progress and is constantly being updated. Please check back regularly!

—Howard B. Richman

[Cherish sanitary napkins - panty liners, day, night and overnight]

Where can I purchase the product as a customer?

Ultimately you should be able to go to a sponsor’s website and there you will be able to buy the Cherish pads. As of 10/2017 this has not been set up yet, so the only way to purchase the pads is to buy them directly from a distributor. If you cannot find someone, I have set up my own sales page here. www.ohitwoks.net

POINT FOR DISTRIBUTORS: What you might consider doing is ordering QUITE a bit more than you think you need. I’ll say that again… CONSIDER ORDERING QUITE A BIT MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU NEED! This is because you will soon discover that everyone is going to want some of your stock and you will quickly run out (as has happened to me.) You can purchase as a distributor on your own account and then you can sell to your friends and family. What I have been doing at this point is buying my own supply at the $5 price and selling at $8. That would be your choice to raise the price or not. Ultimately, when they allow non-distributors to purchase from the main site, your commission will be calculated from any purchases, even when they pay at the $5 price. BUT UNTIL THEY ACTIVATE THE RETAIL PORTION OF THE MAIN WEBSITE, ANY CUSTOMERS MUST PURCHASE DIRECTLY FROM YOU, SO IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU STOCK UP! (Also, you just may want to have enough on hand to give out as samples!)

Are you allowed to sell directly from your OWN website?

Nspire Network wants to direct all RETAIL orders to their own website and any sales that occur would be tracked to your referral, based on your own username portion of the replicated URL. (See below for a more in-depth explanation of how this works.) If you set up a shopping cart on your own personal website or if you advertise on ebay or Amazon or on any other 3rd-party website to sell the Cherish pads, you are risking that your distributorship will be cancelled. What you CAN do is that on your website, you can invite potential customers who do not want to be a distributor themselves to contact you by saying something like the following “I can sell the Cherish pads to you as a retail customer. Please contact me directly for the details on this.” And then you can direct people to either your replicated site or if you want to sell via your own shopping cart, you can then give them the privately-posted link to your shopping cart.

I don’t really understand MLM and Network Marketing.

Nspire Network is structured on a network marketing model, where each member or distributor receives a percentage of commissions from direct sales and also from sales of those distributors below him or her.

Here is a great book that has been recommended to our Nspire Network family that can help to put you on the right track:

[Your First Year in Network Marketing] Your First Year in Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fears, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams!
Network marketing is one of the fastest-growing career opportunities in the United States. Millions of people just like you have abandoned dead-end jobs for the chance to achieve the dream of growing their own businesses. What many of them find, however, is that the first year in network marketing is often the most challenging – and, for some, the most discouraging.

How do I sign up to become a distributor of Nspire Network?

Go back to the person that first introduced you to Nspire Network. If they are a distributor and you feel comfortable with that person, then you can sign up under them. If you don’t have anyone, then, of course, I would be honored to have you sign up directly with me! Here is my signup info. www.ohitworks.net

Also, this is a really good tutorial on the specific steps to take when you are filling out the form to sign up

What is the minimum monthly requirement that a distributor must purchase to be eligible to receive commissions?

It says on the website: 35CV (commissionable value) which is equal to $50/month. You do not have to do an “autocharge” but try to make a purchase of at least $50 worth of product yourself or you will not be able to receive commissions for that month.

If I miss purchasing my own minimum product for a given month, do I forever lose any commissions earned in that month?

No, you are able to regain your lost commissions in the following month if you meet the qualifications for that pay period.

What is the payment cycle for distributors?

Nspire Network pays on the 16th of the month for any any commissions due in the prior month.

How are distributors paid?

Nspire Network pays to i-Payout. I-payout pays to eWallet. Ewallet pays to your bank account or as a check, whichever you have selected. So even though on the login of your backoffice, they mention i-Payout, you must ALSO establish an eWallet account and after you have done this, you will see how to link them.Here is where to set up the ewallet:
Here is where to set up the i-payout:
1 – Inside your Back Office,  go to: “COMMISSIONS TOOLS” then select “i-Payout Profile Setup”.
2 – After that you will enter any profile name that you decide in the field named “Profile Name”, and press the button named “Create Profile”.
3 – Now you will see that the new profile created will appear below where it says: “Profiles You Currently Have Set Up:”.  Below you will see the title that says “Action” you will see a YELLOW BUTTON that says “Edit Profile”, Press that button.
4- You will be requested a “Dealer ID” which is your current “Distributor ID” (ex. 801382). Please insert yours there and select “Save Changes”.
5- Now you will see to the right of that same yellow button a GREEN BUTTON that says “Activate Profile”, press there.
6- You will receive an email from i-Payout from NspireNetwork@globalewallet.com with the title “eWallet Registration”, prompting you to set up an i-Payout account so that you may receive your future commissions from Nspire. And also for you to login into your e-Wallet Platform.
The usernames and passwords you set up don’t need to have anything to do with the username that you have chosen for Nspire Network. However, within i-payout, there is a way to associate your account with your Nspire Network user ID. and you need to do that.

I don’t feel safe entering my personal data into the website in order to sign up.

Look at the top of the URL where it says “https” and not the normal “http.” That means that it is a secure site and all your data is encrypted while it is sent over the internet. Some people have learned that they would ALSO see a “lock” icon in the address bar. But this will depend on your browser and not all browsers display a lock. The lock is not what is important. It is the “s” that verifies that the site is secure.

Why does the site require that I enter my SSN (Social Security Number) in order to become a distributor?

The company intends to be sending you lots of commissions and therefore they are obligated to send you a 1099 form at the end of the year for tax purposes. THIS has to be connected to your social security number. So why do they need it in the signup process? Maybe so you don’t have to be bothered with it later, I suppose. Note: If you have a company name, you could alternatively enter the Federal ID number in that spot.

Where do I send people to sign up if they want to be a distributor under me?

Send them directly to YOUR duplicated site:
( https://www.nspirenetwork.com/YOURUSERNAME ) and have them click on the “Join Now” link at the top. Anyone who signs up like that will be automatically entered as one of your people.

How can I customize the signup page?

You can’t really do anything custom on your replicated page. The replicated page that you get with Nspire Network you have no control over. However, you can create a “landing page.” What I like to do is create my OWN page about the product and then promote THAT! That is called a landing page. People find me that way and then when they are ready to sign up, I send them to the actual replicated page. In order to do that, you have to have a website and you just create a new dedicated page that talks about the Cherish sanitary napkins. If you don’t already have a website you can create one for free using Wix or WordPress. I think Wix is a bit more user-friendly but WordPress gives you more control. Then you can put your own verbage and phone number and photos and whatever you want and promote that. Then you create a link to the official sign up page from your landing page when people are ready to join. Here’s an example of my own landing page.

Alternatively, this is a SUPER nifty and FREE way to create a promotional website that you can give out with a customized call-to-action button. 
http://getstartedwithus.com/?id=YOURUSERNAME (Replace “YOURUSERNAME” with your username!!!)
So after you swap your username in the above URL, you can just give THAT url to people and when they are ready to sign up they can click on the action link! (Easy!)

Do you have “capture pages” ready to go?

A “capture page” is a page that you promote that asks people for their email address. Then you are able to stay in touch with those people who have signed up to your email list and send them occasional emails about Nspire Network. Of course, you can create your own website and set up the mailing list signup mechanism, but the following link will show you how you can do it completely for FREE:
This link will show you how you can create a signup for using google forms. Then how you can LINK that form to one of several landing pages that have an embeded video that “sells” for you.

How can you set it up to accept credit card and PayPal payments?

The easiest thing to do, is to create a PayPal business account. The PayPal business account allows you to accept PayPal payments OR credit card payments. PayPal takes about a 5% commission for each transaction. The other easy thing about this is that you can create pre-set price options that gives you a code that you just upload to your website sales page. Alternatively, you could use a professional website shopping cart service but these are not worth it unless you have a very high volume. That’s because you have to pay a monthly fee AND you have to establish your own merchant credit AND they take charges out of each transaction ANYWAY! But if you want to try that method, I recommend Modular Merchant and Ultracart.

What are the contact details for Nspire Network corporate office?

Nspire Network, LLC
3399 Peachtree Road, NE Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30326 
Tel: (for USA) 888-275-2578 M-F 9-5 EST
General support (logins, confirmation emails, enrollment) support@nspirenetwork.com
Payments and billing payments@nspirenetwork.com
General info info@nspirenetwork.com

Do you have supportive materials like fliers, brochures, business cards, etc., and can I make my own?

If you log into your back office, you will see a tab at the top called “Tool Kit” and that is where you will find the templates for all the promotional materials. Print out and add your personal contact info and then photocopy or take to a printer. If you want to make your own materials, Nspire Network requires approval. Also, this completely different site of theirs seems to have even more stuff: http://nspirenetworkstore.com

Is it possible to open a distributorship in a country outside of the USA?

As of 7/2017 the answer is “no.” I have found out that this IS in the works, and I’ve created a dedicated mailing list signup just for those who are out of the country. Meanwhile, even though you are not able to start a distributorship outside the US, some distributors are open to selling their stock internationally. So you could purchase as a CUSTOMER if you are willing to pay the extra-high shipping costs! I am able to do this if you cannot find someone else. Please see my sales info here.

Are there any hidden charges beyond the $35 annual distributor fee?

No! However, if you want to market this by purchasing approved brochures and other materials, or if you want to buy an email list or regular mailing list, then of course, those promotional costs need to be considered. That would be true with any business or any venture you embark on.

Where do you get the mailing envelopes to ship product out?

There are many companies that make “bubble mailers.” Uline is my favorite. Here is the link to the exact ones I use to mail out ONE 10-pack. They have larger sizes. The reason I like them is that they are super organized, ship super fast (one day). When you log into their site, you can easily see your order history and that makes it fast when you are ready to re-order.

What qualifies you for a “Mega Star?”

You will acquire Mega Star status when you earn 25,000 CV in one month.

I don’t understand “Default Placement” in the downline structure

“Default” indicates “unless otherwise specified.” It seems that the pre-set is “left” or “right” which would be whichever side YOUR sponsor had placed you on. This means that as each leg splits, all your new people end up on that side only. If you notice that has happened, and you have everyone coming in on one side only, it has been recommended to me to set the default placement on the OPPOSITE side for a while to balance out your binary; then switch it to the weak side (after it’s balanced). This is a great video that explains what to do.

[Now we no vision casting call info]

I have additional questions, where can I go? 

First, ask your sponsor. If they cannot help you, please check the FAQ section on the main site or contact the corporate office directly.

Return to MAIN NSpire Network information page.

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